At the command of his beautifully polished Swift, sitting above a scattered layer of white puffy clouds, the reflections were playing with Francois' mind. A smile animated his face as these words came to mind: "Imagination gave me humourous wings to soar above the mountain-top of life's daily concerns".
Margaret, Katheryn & Francois Bougie, flight crew of stock Swift GC-1B, serial 1205, modified with just a few operational STC's.
This realization made Francois put aside his successful consulting business as an electromechanical designer in the aerospace industry and all the endless hours sitting in front of a computer screen drafting parts and assemblies on sophisticated CAD systems.

Humourous illustration/caricature fulfill his new venture and his past 13 years of technical expertise are reflected in the amount and exactitude of the details you will find in his artwork.

Raised in a family of 4, Francois' interest in aviation was sparked at an early age by his father, who crafted 2 homebuilt airplanes and restored several others. This passion eventually led to a college education as an Aircraft Maintenance Technologist. The early 1980's which brought the CAD revolution for the aircraft design industries were perfectly suited for Francois' drafting talent.

Francois' broad knowledge of general aviation comes from owning a Cessna C-120 and Pitts Special, then later acquiring and restoring a Classic 1946 Globe Swift. He has flown from his home base in Montreal to Florida, and across Canada from Nova Scotia to British Columbia. A pilgrimage to the EAA Convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the aviation mecca, has become an annual ritual.

When not chasing clouds, you will find Francois in his studio, dreaming and drawing humourously about it.

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