"During the month of September, 1995, carrying a cargo of the first 200 of 650 prints aboard my 1946 Globe Swift, I left on an odyssey across North America. The mission was two-fold.

My first objective was to fly cross-country to meet with Curtis Pitts, Betty Skelton, Charlie Hillard, Gene Soucy, Ed Saurenman, Malcolm white and Tom Poberezny: seven individuals who have co-written the Pitts biplane history."

"As I wait in the lobby of the Holiday Inn, a petite charming lady arrives in spacious transportation. I recognize Ms. Betty Skelton from the reference pictures I used to create my illustration.....To fully understand her contribution one needs to read her book, which she presented to me, and that I now cherish very much, entitled Betty Skelton's "Little Stinker:. It describes the spectacular aerial adventures of the world's most famous aerobatic airplane, flown by one of the world's most famous aerobatic aviatrix.".
"Mr. Curtis Pitts is only a phone call away, and he arrives shortly to pick me up as he resides in the vicinity.

As we drive to his workshop, Curtis Pitts points out farmers starting the fall crops. This seems odd to me; at home we had just cleaned out our garden in expectation of the first frost.

Entering his shop is like being transported in a time machine to Pitts Wonderland. Unfortunately, Hurricane Andrew has left its mark, and a lot of memorabilia has been weathered. My eyes cannot absorb everything on the walls. The more I see, the more I realize that every wall is full of photos, plaques, trophies, models and paintings."

"From the moment I shook this man's hand I was anxious. Will my illustration do him justice? I present my artwork. Although Mr. Pitts has already seen a previous copy, this is the moment of truth. Without fanfare he starts signing the series of prints, or should I say the print in series, and I am reassured. While he is signing, I can't help but ask questions about specific plaques or trophies. Each discloses a fascinating story.

The humidity factor is high so Curtis calls for a break. He opens the door to an active "Pitts Skunk Workshop" My illustration represents 50 years of biplane wizardry, but an update will soon be required to include his latest creation; the Vedenyev Moshnost Stinker."